Well here we are! All sitting at home watching the world go by!  We are like you all staying home but i am having fun making more ”stuff” for regular customers who keep ordering stuff.  We have started giving a discount on all the stuff because we don't have to pay a 500 booth few, diesel fuel and food for each show...big savings.. so we decided to pass that on and and it has been successful. You can see some sample prices with discount price in most pages that gives you an idea of the discounts.  We also have been redoing peoples old jewelery with stones etc and making new designs so they can wear the stuff that is sitting in the jewelery box for years.  So if you have old things yell and we can give you ideas about using the stones and things from tripps or from family.  you can reach us at www.goldandstuff.com e mail glenda@goldandstuff.com or call glenda at 386 679 3113 and see what we can do for you.  You will see new stuff on the site here each week and of course it is all for sale at a great price.

Thanks for all your continued support

Eric and Glenda Lundgren