Gold and Stuff

Show schedule

July 8-9  Muskegon art and craft this show is fri and sat not sunday   booth b6 right on side walk as usual.

July 13-15 cain park in cleveland

3 day show till 8pm fri and sat

July 29-30  Akron in Hardesty park

Aug 3-5 Uptown in Minapolis mn

Aug 11 Charlovoix in mi one day

aug 18-19 Woodlands in lex ky

We are gold and Stuff ... Welcome... We make all our Jewelery we sell at art shows and on the web and a few galleries.  We guarantee every piece of our goods for ever!  You bust it we fix it!  As long as you don’t loose the whole piece!   If you see or don’t see anything you “need” just call or e mail us at 386-679-3113 and we will get you what you need! We are Artists working in Sterling Silver and 14k Gold combinations.  Each of our pieces are a one of a kind creation. any time.  We make special orders based on the type of work we do so you can order special things as well as off this page or at Art shows.

We make adjustable rings, reservable pendants and Sterling silver stone earrings and Pendants.

                Eric & Glenda Lundgren